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“Everyone can benefit from learning self-defense. The more instinctual the training, the more useful it will be in times of danger.” –Calvin Smith Jr.

Meet the owner.
Former military serviceman, Calvin Smith Jr., has worked in the night club security, traffic enforcement, and professional security fields for more than 15 years. A fanatic of martial arts, he is currently a law enforcement professional specializing in maximum security.

He is a certified teacher of the hybrid style of Progressive Fighting Systems (Rapid Assault Tactics – RAT) with experience in in Krav Maga, Kali, Mui Thai, Wing Chun, and Combat Ground Fighting, among other fighting styles. It is his passion to impart his martial arts knowledge — to train people to be everyday warriors, protecting their families from real-life dangers.

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Calvin Smith Jr.


Gain the confidence and the know-how to defend yourself and loved ones using realistic, instinctive self-defense techniques.