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How to Use a Towel as a Weapon

You are trapped in your bathroom, with no way out and an intruder is in your home. With no window to escape–and no identifiable weapon on hand–is protecting your safety a lost cause? Absolutely not! You can use your bathroom towel.

Did you know the towel can serve as a shield? How about as a distraction during hand-to-hand combat? Learn the hidden usefulness of the bathroom towel in Direct Force Fighting Technique’s second installment of a three-part video series, “How to Use a Household Item as a Weapon.”

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How to Use a Magazine as a Weapon

Continuing on the theme of home protection, DFFT introduces a 3-part video series that covers how to use household items as weapons. Today, Part I instructs on the hidden usefulness of the everyday magazine.

Learn how to strike, where to strike and the overall benefits of this lesser known household weapon.

As always, we welcome your comments. Tune in next week for useful tips on protecting yourself…with a bathroom towel!

LL Cool J Home Invasion

Are weapons the best form of home protection?

Direct Force Fighting Techniques weighs in on this topic in this first weekly post. Tune in next Friday for essential tips on self-defense and join the discussion on Facebook.

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